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Google Reports 58% of Internet users
their Smartphones

Why you Need..

★Easy to Read and Navigate

★Faster Page Load

★Easy Button Navigation

★Rank Higher in Search Results

★Over 1.2 Billion People Use their Mobile Devices To Access The Web

★67%+ Of Consumers Are Using Mobile Devices in Making Their Buying Decisions

★90%+ Of People Move Between Devices To Accomplish A Goal, It Maybe On Smartphones, PCs, or Tablets;

★61%+ Of People Have A Better Opinion Of Brands Which Offer A Good Mobile Experience

★Tablet Users Spend 50% More Than PC Users

a Mobile Site..

★Mobile Traffic is Exploding

★46% of Search Traffic is Mobile

★58%+ US consumers own a Smartphone

★Mobile users expect simplified Browsing

★58%+ Of US Consumers Search Using Smartphones;

★95%+ Of Smartphone Users Use Search For Local Information

★60% Of Mobile Shoppers Use Smartphones While in a Store And

★50% Of Mobile Shoppers Use Their Devices On Their Way To A Store

★Starting April 21st 2015, Mobile Site Friendliness Will be Part of Google’s Ranking Algorithm. That Could Impact 50% of Your Site Traffic

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