Onsite 2 Way SMS, MMS

2 Way SMS, MMS and Audience Builder Platform.

CallORTextMe is a simple click-to-call, click-to-reply onsite texting and audience builder platform for your business. Our revolutionary platform automatically adds callers and texters to your FaceBook™ custom audience.

Custom Audiences allow businesses to target ads to people they already know, people who have already interacted with the business.  Custom Audience targeting capabilities works with all Facebook ad formats.

We help you to communicate with your customers using SMS and MMS.

Benefits of using CallOrTextMe:

  • Easily send and receive two way SMS and MMS via email.
  • You can chat live with your customers, a format that they love to use.
  • Affordable
  • Save Time
  • Easily add notes from customer email.
  • Send bulk SMS straight from your email.
  • Integrated retargeting  capacity saves time and money with paid FB advertising.