Why Reputation Marketing

Reputation marketing Ottawa

As a local Ottawa digital marketing agency, we provide local businesses solutions to improve their online reputation marketing. You may have a bad online reputation due to unclaimed profiles as well as poor or non-existent product and service reviews.

Of course people are talking about you online today. Are you aware of what it is they are saying? Is it good? Do you have any idea what they are even saying? Whether you knew it or not, this is happening. Whether it is good or bad, it is essential that you join the conversations.

Five Star Reviews

92% of shoppers say they have done an Internet search prior to doing local shopping to check out business reviews, AKA their reputation. A business with no online reviews or one with bad reviews is seen as a business not to be trusted. We help businesses build five star reputations and then use the reviews to market them to get a steady flow of customers.

Reputation Marketing Services Ottawa

Reputation marketing is essential to the online marketing of your business today. In fact, reputation marketing services need to be the first part of your marketing mix when building online visibility. If you have everything set up so that you show up in the search rankings but your reputation is bad, you will lose that traffic as well as the investment you put into getting it. Online reviews are trusted as much as or more than personal recommendations from a friend or family member by more than 70% of people.

Think about it; would you trust a company or product with bad ratings and reviews? When was the last time you chose to go out to a restaurant with bad reviews?

Busy business comes down to reputation. If two businesses or products are identical, one with 10 4-5 star reviews and the other has 3 good ones and 1 bad review, where would you be doing business? Online reviews are the word of mouth referral of days gone by. People search the name of any company along with the city and the reputation is there for all to see.

We’re some of the Nation’s best in local online marketing. We have proprietary systems and marketing strategies that give our clients the edge that their business needs to become an industry leader in their marketplace.

People are searching daily for products and services online. Will they find you? And when they do, will they trust what they see enough to do business with you? Businesses that work with us for their online reputation marketing needs, can be assured that their business will be the one getting the calls.

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“We offer comprehensive Online Reputation Marketing solutions for local businesses. We understand how important an online reputation is and how it can make or break your business.”

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