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Are you losing sales because your business website is not mobile friendly?

People today rarely leave home without their mobile device. These days, they are using it for a lot more things than just making phone calls. They are accessing emails, social networks, text messages and the mobile web. In April 2015, Google changed their ranking algorithm to address the traffic coming from mobile devices.

When people access your website using their mobile phone, is it visible and usable? OR do they have such a bad experience, they leave before it even loads?

As a business owner are you ready to take the gamble by not having a mobile search strategy in place? We can help.

Most shoppers today have already done their online research about a business prior to coming in. With over 60% of web searches being done on a mobile device, you do not want to lose these people to the competition who is mobile friendly.

Find out if your Website is Mobile Friendly by entering your website URL on our mobile checker OR by looking at it on your into your Mobile Phone right now and compare it to this mobile friendly checklist:

Without scrolling left or right or zooming in or out, is the text easy for you to read?

Does your site take a long time to load? (Turn off your Wireless WiFi and link to your 3G or 4G phone data plan, to simulate the lower transfer speeds of most mobile networks.)

Is it thumb friendly as in is it easy to scroll and browse when in a mobile state?

Is there a click to call capacity for easy connection to your business?

Are the links easy to click or are they way to small for the different finger sizes to use?

If you answered NO, to any of these questions, your Website does not offer a good experience to the mobile customer.

What’s the difference between a Desktop and a Mobile Website?

A mobile website caters to mobile device capabilities with features such as:

Scaled down, easy-to-read content with simplified navigation.

Mobile specific landing pages without Flash, huge images, or unplayable videos.

Clear Calls-to-Action at the top of the Mobile Site so the user does not have to scroll.

Touch-friendly interface with buttons that are large enough to click on with your fingertip.

Images with ”alt tags” just in case the page is slow to load.

Engage your customers wherever they are.

67% of mobile searches convert to a purchase within 24 hours. When people are on the go, they want information right now!

If your Website is not ready and able to conduct business with your mobile visitors, Contact Us. We consider the needs of mobile visitors when creating any new website for businesses today.

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SMS Text Messaging Campaigns

People are communicating more today with mobile text messages than phone calls or emails. 97% of mobile text messages are opened within the first 5 minutes of being received. Are you missing out?

Mobile SMS Marketing Gets You:

  • A steady supply of cheap targeted prospects
  • Customers that will interact and share your products and promos with their friends
  • Customers that want to buy from you
  • Customers that are ready to buy instantly
  • Easy to implement strategies and campaigns

The Happy Marketing Group offers low cost high return mobile advertising and sales solutions for your local Ottawa Bar, Restaurant, Automotive Dealership and any other business that having an engaged list of customers can benefit from.

Leverage the experience of our mobile marketing strategies and get the most out of your mobile marketing campaign to generate more leads, repeat buyers and sales. Contact us to see how we can help.

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